Poe's Window

Hand painted, kiln fired

stained glass window,

featuring the author

Edgar Allan Poe.

Original artwork

by June Ponte,




Edgar Allan Poe Stained Glass Window

If you love Mr. Poe as I do, you will adore this window, which is hand painted by me :). Actually, there are two windows encased in the same antique wooden shutter from the 1800s. The top window measures approx. 9.5" square, and features a scroll with Poe's name on it, and red rosebud glass jewels. The lower, longer window measures approx. 9.5" wide x 23" long. Of course the shutter itself adds about 8" in width and height of the piece.

The painted piece has many painted features you'll love; the aforementioned Poe scroll, a raven, Edgar's portrait (with metal raven claws in each corner), and a gargoyle. Dimensional vines with leaves trail about the piece. The shutter has chains for hanging attached.

This is a heavy item, and precious in hours and skill. I've used some glass given to me years ago from old church windows, and glass paints which are also over 50 years old, so this is something rare indeed.

Art for the ages.