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Oil Painting of Edgar Allan Poe in Antique Gothic Angel Frame


I've always had a thing for Mr. Poe, and I've declared my love for him by creating this original oil painting. By most accounts, Poe had long dark lashes and soft grey eyes. One poetic comment from the past, was that his hair was "as black as a raven's wing". Well, here he is, ready to help your imagination take flight, albeit on raven's wings. :)

This jewel of a painting measures 8" tall x 6" wide, and is set in a very heavy antique Gothic oval frame, measuring 15" tall x 10" wide. The frame is solid, probably plaster.

And lastly, I wanted to add that Poe has been so misunderstood and maligned. To remember someone for his virtues *is* a virtue. Poe was a talented, creative genius who had such a sad childhood and a hard life...I tried to show him the respect and compassion I feel he deserves.